Wedding cake trends Mallorca

When it comes to a Wedding cake, we all know it is celebratory, pretty and absolutely delicious. But is it just a cake or does it signify something more?

The first wedding cakes were actually the result of traditions to encourage the bride’s fertility, but nowdays it signifies good luck and a happy, long lasting marriage.
It’s important to take the time to plan a cake that reflects the couple’s taste and personality. The wedding cake vision reveals a great deal about the couple themself.
Because let’s be honest, no reception is complete without a decadent and elaborately decorated centerpiece.
There are many nontraditional sweet treats like doughnuts and cupcakes, many couples still go for the classic wedding cake or a single-tiered cutting cake that they can cut into for photos.

Traditional white wedding cakes
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Wedding white will never go out of style, especially when it comes to the wedding cake. While we love a colorful confection, there’s something so stunning about the simplicity of an all-white wedding cake. Wedding cakes were originally known as the bride’s cake. The white cake created a visual link to the brides white dress. Today, brides are often coordinating the color of their wedding dress to the color of their cake, even if it’s not the traditional white, but it can also be created to reflect a more modern, trending tastes by incorporating cool geometric details, pearls, petals, flowers or unique patterns.
Although the charm and beauty of traditional wedding cakes can never be replaced, nowadays brides and grooms are choosing designs that reflect their own style and personalities.

Non traditional wedding cakes

If a traditional wedding cake isn’t really you, may be looking for wedding ideas that are a bit outside the box.
The non traditional wedding is popular with couples who want to have the most memorable and unique wedding possible. If you want a cake alternative that is both delicate and flavorful, this is the option for you. There are plenty of wedding ideas to try… here’s a few non traditional wedding cake of your dreams:

Cupcakes, Pavlova, Croquembouche, Donuts, Cheesecakes,
Fondant ruffle cakes…etc.

Wedding Cupcakes

Donut Wall!
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Dessert Table!For a summer wedding on a sunny island like Mallorca one of the most popular wedding cake options are the Naked or Semi naked cakes.A perfect wedding cake choice if you want to keep things rustic and simple, showing the raw beauty of a stacked wedding cake with no sugar paste. The best thing about naked/semi naked wedding cakes is that they can be decorated in so many different ways: Whether you dress it with fresh flowers, fresh fruits or Mallorquen figs, drip it with ganache, or add edible gold flakes, you can get pretty creative with this rustic or minimalist look.Hand painted design
Wedding Cakes
Hand Painted Cake

Painted wedding cakes are the perfect choice for couples who want to personalize their wedding cake in an artistic fashion.
Hand painted cakes can be made to suit a themed wedding or show the unique style of the bride and groom.

Metallic Cakes

Metallic Cakes

Metallic Cakes

Metallic cakes are glazed with gold, silver, or bronze. These shimmering cakes look powerful and majestic, gives an element of luxury to your event.
They are a great option for themed weddings and traditional weddings alike.

But what about what’s inside that gorgeous dessert? There are plenty of wedding cake flavours to choose from and preferences are personal, some couples want to go traditional and others want to experiment with new and tantalizing tastes.
A traditional wedding cake is made of rich fruit cake, but nowadays couples are becoming more daring with their wedding cake flavour choices. With a variety of tiers, you can experiment with some fun flavours and still have a tier of traditional fruitcake or a simple Victoria sponge if you wish.
Vanilla cake has remained the most common cake flavor at weddings since the 1960s.
Here are some wedding cake flavors that the clients are currently loving:
Lemon cake with lemon curd
Pink champagne
Coconut & lime
Hazelnut and mocha
Chocolate & Raspberry
Red Velvet
Lime with ginger cream
Chocolate orange
Vanilla Baileys

A wedding is never quite complete without a beautiful cake. Cakes have always been an important and significant element in weddings since ancient times, and while the meaning of the wedding cake has changed from a symbol of purity and fertility to a symbol of union and happiness, it remains as important and as integral a part of weddings as ever.