This isn't just a job, it's who we are.

The key element for us is working closely with our couples to get to know them, listen to them and understand their needs & vision and create an extraordinary experience together in the spirit of love, to celebrate their unique love.

What makes Bliss Island different, why should YOU choose US?

We are your luxury wedding planners in Mallorca, we guarantee to handle every aspects of your wedding planning with the highest standards, genuine care and efficiency based on all our expertise and extensive local knowledge, so as with our broad range of contacts and relationships with the finest and most talented vendors on the Island. You can be assured that we provide a stress free and elevated experience along the whole process.

However, this is not what makes us different, as at this premium level of the industry, these are all must have requirements.

It's not just what we do, but who we are and what we represent.

Our uniqueness lies in our over 30 years of friendship, our individual professional backgrounds and values. 

As we have  known each other almost our whole lives, we have built an exceptional trust that allows us to have a very special understanding of how we can work together effortlessly and effectively by complementing each other’s skills. Trust is one of our core value, is what we build with our clients and vendors in a way we’ve been nurturing our own friendship and partnership for decades: with reliability, respect, effort and abundance of fun. We care.

Let’s make it a bit more personal.

We are very excited to meet you, let us introduce ourselves:


Your dreams are the reasons why Haini become a wedding planner.

Her personal warmth gets to everyone. She cares, she dreams with you, She’s there with you all theway through.

She’s been living on the island for more than 13 years, involved in the wedding industry, engaged in High end events, and just loves the vibe of organizing, planning the happiest day of their client’s life.

She knows all the hidden gems and locations on the island, well aware of the rhythm & wedding market, the system how things work on the island. She established professional relationships with countless vendors, providers & created an amazing team to organize outstanding events in Mallorca.

Being a professional Event Planner, this is so much more than just a job, She has her heart and soul in it, being able to capture the characters and reflect it in even the smallest detail.

She takes pride in going above and beyond to get the work done well and right.


Her secret power is being a bundle of fun and creativity with her buzzing positive energy, combined with her dedicated professionalism, having an expansive range of knowledge of various industries and being a perfectionist to her core. She has a true artistic mind with an exceptional eye for beauty, aesthetics and design. You will always feel at ease around her at any given situation, she will cheer you on, reassure you or guide you when needed.

She studied protocol, graduated as a Fashion Stylist and also became a National Pro Makeup Artist in London, with years of experience in the industry she attended on many Luxurious events like London Fashion Week, Vogue photo-video shootings and of course Weddings. You know you will have your own private fashion & beauty expert on call throughout the whole wedding planning.

She merged all of her skills, educations and expertise from her different professions to design weddings with the most meaningful details to perfection.

Not Sure Which Package Is Right For You?

It all starts with a Complimentary Consultation to get to know each other and discuss your ideas & vision and how we will bring it to life.