Mallorca, where the sand is a little softer. The salty air a little crisper…

Bliss Fit & Fun Women’s Retreat in the Paradise of Mallorca to enliven your spirit.

Do you think it’s time to rejuvanate your mind & body and awake the goddess in you? Do you feel the need to slow down and reconnect with yourself? Great, because you deserve it all!

We customized our retreat to infuse the perfect and balanced amount of relaxation & fun in a luxury environment with activities to recharge, get energized and pampered. Not only we have partnered with a stunning, luxurious location, but we also use the exceptional service of our local professionals to provide the best experience.

An amazing escape if you’re feeling stressed, tired, overworked, or just need a weekend to relax. We also use the most beautiful blue seas of the Med as our backdrop.

BLISS Retreats

Come make new memories with our up and coming retreats.

Our BLISS Retreats Include:

Call your inner peace:  Meditation & Yoga to release stress and tension

Sway away: Learn how to dance samba and the hottest latin moves

Indulge and fuel your body: Wining and dining with Top Rated Chefs/ caterers

Restore your mindset: Meet and talk with our Life coach about how to implement positive habits and attitude

Switch off, enjoy: Beauty treatments, wellness

Wash your troubles away: Boat experience, water sport activities

Cleanse your soul: Hiking trip to a breathtaking scenery

Reset your resources: Learn tools and techniques for achieving health and well being effortlessly

Shine and glow: Glam up with a pro makeup artist for your own photoshoot


At Bliss Island we are delivering all kinds of custom made events, whether you would like to celebrate your birthday with a grandiose party, organize a prestigious Company Gala or explore Mallorca with it’s vibrant energy that has all the fun to offer. At Bliss Island we have endless options to choose from.


Activities, experiences & excursions:

Not Sure Which Package Is Right For You?

It all starts with a Complimentary Consultation to get to know each other and discuss your ideas & vision and how we will bring it to life.